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How to make dedicated servers on Macs

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How to make dedicated servers on Macs

Postby LGM on Sat Jun 19, 2010 11:40 am

The directions for the basic setup are in the read me file in ThinkTanks.

Question: Can I host a dedicated server for ThinkTanks?

Answer: Yes. On Windows, if you chose to install a shortcut in the Start Menu, then you will find dedicated server shortcuts there too. On Linux, there is a directory of dedicated server scripts available. To start a server from the command line on Windows and Linux type:

ThinkTanks -dedicated -mission <missionName> -game <B|TB|S|TS>


missionName can either be the name of a mission (full path from app directory, so game/data/missions/TT1_1.mis, e.g.) or one of GREEN, BLUE, RED, or ALL which will cause game to cycle on that mission (or all the lush missions in the case of GREEN or all missions in the case of ALL).


B - battlemode, TB - team battlemode, S - scrum, TS - team scrum

If you are using a Macintosh, you will do similarly, but you need to type the name of the application inside the application package. So, from the command-line from the directory that contains the application package, you would type

./ThinkTanks.app/Contents/MacOS/ThinkTanks\ OSX -dedicated -mission <missionName> -Game <B|TB|S|TS>

where <missionName> and <B|TB|S|TS> have the same meaning as described above for Windows and Linux.

So, here's a sample from one of my servers:

Code: Select all
/Users/USERNAME/Desktop/ThinkTanks/ThinkTanks/ThinkTanks.app/Contents/MacOS/ThinkTanks\ OSX -dedicated -mission RED -game S

Now, I have mine set up a little differently. I put a folder on my desktop called ThinkTanks. Inside it is a lot of files for TT, but the copy of the game I use for a server is in there too. I have several different server copies, and I name the copy for what I use it for. (One is ThinkTanksKeepAway). So, the words that show between slashes are folders on the computer. That code says something like this:

Inside the Users folder is a USERNAME folder and in that is a Desktop folder and in that folder is a ThinkTanks folder and in that is a folder called ThinkTanks and in that folder is the ThinkTanks.app and inside that is a folder called Contents and in that is a folder called MacOS and in that is ThinkTanks OSX. Run ThinkTanks OSX as a dedicated server running frantic (red) missions playing indy scrum.

I use the copy installed in my Applications folder to play on, the ones in the folder on my desktop to run servers from.

The most important thing is to get the line of code in your Terminal exactly right. Terminal is located inside your Utilities folder (in Applications). Open it and paste the line you need into the terminal, then hit return. Once I got it figured out, I pasted the line into a sticky note on my computer.

I think if you are using the copy in your Applications folder, it should work with this:

Code: Select all
/Applications/ThinkTanks/ThinkTanks.app/Contents/MacOS/ThinkTanks\ OSX -dedicated -mission GREEN -game S

I'm not sure if you need the "." before /Applications or not. Try it and see. I don't put it in, but it's in the sample posted in the READ ME file. That code would run the stock lush maps on an indy scrum setup.

If that works, you can figure out the path to a copy you want to use just for running a server. You can make a copy of yours and put it anywhere, but you have to get the pathname exactly right.

I hope that helps. If you want pics, I'll add them later.
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Re: How to make dedicated servers on Macs

Postby Zbrox8 on Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:00 pm

LGM wrote:I'm not sure if you need the "." before /Applications or not.

The "." before /Applications simply means that you're using a relative file to your current location. "." refers to your current location. For most OS X users the full path would begin with "/Users/<Username>/Applications". When you open a Terminal window, you automatically start in "/Users/<Username>" so the relative path should work fine.

Just an FYI.

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Re: How to make dedicated servers on Macs

Postby Matt-Ectl-Xp- on Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:51 pm

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