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Something cool, something for the utilitarian

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Something cool, something for the utilitarian

Postby gray on Thu Jul 16, 2009 8:05 am

These two pieces of PC software passed my company's IT guy's scrutiny:

Auslogics disk defrag: ever defrag your hard drive in 5 minutes? You might be able to with this.
http://dw.com.com/redir?edId=3&siteId=4 ... dl-6267754

Rocket dock: For the mac-wannabe's: a very familiar docking station for your PC's shortcuts and open windows. It does add a couple seconds to startup, though.
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Re: Something cool, something for the utilitarian

Postby *Stiffler on Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:25 am

ahh the defrager works great i tried it and i would suggest you try it wasnt 5 mins more like 10 but thats better then what it would usely take :thumbup:

Re: Something cool, something for the utilitarian

Postby Metal on Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:09 pm

Yeah stiff's right, it takes about 1 hour or even more for me, thanks for this man!
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