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Spell Checker

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Spell Checker

Postby CB on Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:13 pm


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TinySpell is an impressive little utility which checks individual words on a correct-as-you-type basis, from clipboard contents or from a query box. The 110,00 word dictionary is not enormous but more than adequate for normal use, and you can also add words to the dictionary as needed. Resource demands are modest, and the product can be easily enabled/disenabled from the taskbar icon.

It has one odd feature; the dictionary has both American and English spelling so words like "color" and "colour" both show as correct. Overall, it's quite a solid product and an excellent companion to WordWeb.
TinySpell features include:
Checks spelling in any Windows application
Checks spelling on-the-fly (alerts if the last typed word was misspelled)
Checks spelling of text that is copied to the clipboard
Allows you to specify tinySpell disabled or enabled applications (new in v1.6)
Optionally beeps on error (beep sound can be easily set to any wav file)
Opens replacements list with a simple mouse click or a hot-key
Optionally copies the selected replacement word to the clipboard
Optionally inserts the selected replacement word into the document
Allows you to add words to the dictionary
Easy Enable/Disable
Uses little system resources

tinySpell+ (in addition to the above features)
Remembers the last error (even if it is not the last typed word)
Optionally displays a spelling tip with instant correction (see example)
new in v1.8: Adds "Translation" to the on-line web services mentioned above
(Search, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia)
new in v1.8: Allows you to easily choose the default on-line service in each category
from a list of services, or add new services to the category (see here)
new in v1.8: Allows you to open a small bar on your desktop that lets you enter text
and search for on-line information (see here)
Includes a clipboard spell checker that shows all spelling errors in the
clipboard's text in a single glance, and allows you to correct them
Allows you to add auto-replacements to the dictionary
Allows you to add a list of words to the dictionary
Automatically switches dictionary according to current language
(provided that additional dictionaries are installed; see details below)
Provides the following additional options:
- Check Capitalization
- Mixed CaSe is an error
- Ignore UPPERCASE words
- Ignore words with numbers
- Ignore Internet & email addresses and file names
- Ignore Windows password fields (NOT in web-forms!)


Author: KEDMI Scientific Computing
Current version: 1.6
Version date: January 22, 2008
License: Freeware
Download File size: 573KB
Operating Systems Supported: 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista
Additional Software Required: None
64 Bit Capable: No
Portable Version Available: No
Non-English languages supported: None
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