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Runnings Windows programs on Macs

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Postby fleabiscuit on Thu Feb 08, 2007 9:13 pm

You should have classic on there mem. When you start it you will have OS 9 running. Give it a try. VPC should install on it. Then you use VPC to make a Windows machine within itself. If your program will run with Win98 you should be good to go. Kinda ssllooww though.

See if you can fire up Classic and feel comfortable there. Maybe down load a free OS 9 program or two from Version Tracker and watch Classic fire up when you double click it.
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Postby Bolo on Thu Feb 08, 2007 11:36 pm

i might be easier and cheaper to run windows with mac emulation software. the graphic designers on my team do this and i cant tell that they arent running a mac. im not sure what the program is but it definately works


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Postby Napalm on Fri Feb 09, 2007 11:24 am

Baba, I just saw Fusion. I haven't had any experience with the VMware products for Mac, but we do use the product extensivly in the our production environment here at work. I have to admit, this really is some slick software. It's pretty convenient what this allows you to do. We have 2 Test hosts and 4 production ost using Vmotion so we can move running hosts from one server to any other server. Unfortunately it appear this is only Intel based, and not supported on PPC, again which is not convenient for Memphis.
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