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PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 10:23 am
by Arc9
DAAA!!! KILL GG!!! :shock:

PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 1:09 pm
by Jinx
I signed it.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 11:47 pm
by BerthaCampaDiva

Bertha the late-comer signed.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 11:29 pm
by drsawbones

Hey thanks Bertha! ....and all above who posted since my last post saying thank you!


only 288 signatures left to go!

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 11:50 pm
by Tinkerbell
WOOT! thats great 2 hear.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2007 6:56 am
by Leeds
Done my part, wish LMASATASAMA would be recognised as an official TT Resources site by GarageGames. Just send me the new skins and stuff you want hosting (host on something like photobucket first, Freewebs will get p***ed off if I have too much filespace being used on their servers, and I'll be dead meat if I download stuff onto my mum's laptop!)

Gonna put this below the Find Madeleine background (which I need to change) I have on my Official TT Website.

Be sure to sign up for the forums. All the Admins and Mods will get the same responsibilities on my forums.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2007 12:32 pm
by Bentley
i'm in on this one

PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 8:57 am
by tanksalot
I'm in and spreading the word


PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 12:03 pm
by parCAT
yo. here.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:50 am
by Cylicon460

We have enough views to finish the petition...
Weird isnt it??