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Hey there...

Well, I checked these forums for absolutely no reason at all and was rather surprised that people still play this game. Then again, this game was always quite fun so maybe I shouldn't be as surprised as I was.

I really don't have any intention to start playing this game anytime soon (maybe once or twice, for old times' sake), I just wanted to say hi to anyone that may or may not remember my existence. For those that have or have had a negative impression of me, I don't really blame you. I was not always the most mature person in the world, which I suppose is an understatement considering some instances, and some people (i.e. Phobik) deserved better than the way I treated them.

So, yeah. Hi, kind of nice to still see people on this forum. It brings a rather refreshing nostalgic feeling.
by Garchomp XPL-BMT
Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:12 pm
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